Happy 2023 and welcome to new lab members!

Happy New Year to everyone! The lab grew significantly in 2022. Juntian and Ryan joined the lab as PhD students in the summer. Chris started as a rotation student in December and decided to join the lab formally this spring (!). Welcome! The lab celebrated the holidays with family, friends, and food. We all look … Read more

Poster Award on Delaware Neuroscience Symposium!

The lab attended the first conference after two years pandemic. Yoon presented a “lab project” on the function of dopaminergic neurons in regulating the fly’s reward behaviors and won second place in the poster award. Congratulations to Yoon and the lab!

Welcome the new members to Shao Lab!

Lauren Golczewski and Katie Starego

Lauren Golczewski (left) and Katie Starego (right) will join the Shao Lab in June 2021. They are both undergraduate students of Class 2023 in the Department of Biological Sciences. Welcome Lauren and Katie!